May 2022

How to Start a Conversation the Right Way

After reading all the articles in this site, I found out that I have been making a huge mistake in

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Sep 2020

How to Formulate an Essay That Even a Child Could Understand

Have you ever started reading a book and got bored after reading the first page? That is what happens if

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Sep 2019

Mistakes You Did Not Know Could Ruin Your Education Essay

Writing an essay to any person that knows how to, is a good experience. If it has taken you a

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Apr 2019

Top Five Educational Android Apps

Easy access to information and knowledge is the hallmark of today’s digital age. The internet has exploded with tons of

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Mar 2019

Five Best Opportunities for Mothers During Parental Leave

Mothers can take advantage of their parental leave and make the most out of it by embarking on remote activities

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Apr 2010

Attention Dads: Don’t become an Invisible Couch!

Tips for being part of your wife’s life and being a great dad after children hit the scene. Let’s face

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Apr 2010

Cross-Training for Kids: 7 sports for skills and thrills

I’m not trying to train my kids for the Olympics in 2024.  What I am doing is  teaching them about

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Apr 2010

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes: A Kid Planet Recipe

One of my favorite side dishes to make is cheesy scalloped potatoes…wow, SO yummy!  This recipe makes quite a bit,

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Apr 2010

Retro Wednesday: Don’t Waste Food

If you are like me, you just love those vintage magazine ads.  Here’s a retro-mom following our government’s sound advice

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Apr 2010

Supervising Kids: Man to Man or Zone Defense?

Supervising the playtime of children is one of the most important responsibilities of parents.  Let’s face it, kids move fast

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