Mistakes You Did Not Know Could Ruin Your Education Essay

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Writing an essay to any person that knows how to, is a good experience. If it has taken you a while to grow as a writer, then you there are things that you did wrong that you are doing right. Moreover, you might stick to a few practices that are still derailing your ability to write a perfect education essay. We have highlighted some mistakes you probably never knew could ruin your education essays.

  1. Using a synopsis in place of analysis

Essays are always aimed to argue or defend a given thesis. When doing an education essay arguing specific issues argued in an article by someone else, you need to provide an analysis. This means that you will go through every detail and make deductions about what the writer is trying to demonstrate. This means that in any case, do not overemphasize on restating the content of that article. The only allowance you might leverage on include a background of the piece. If you want to know how to make good essay synopsis essay synopsis post for example.

  • Vague thesis statement

This is the core of your paper. The thesis statement at all times should be strong. The thesis statement is the one element that holds together all the parts of your essay. The thesis states your opinion as specific as possible. Do not just vaguely state the obvious in your thesis statement, always show through your thesis statement that you understand what the essay is about.

  • Overusing quotes

Remember that every time you do an education essay even if it is for education purposes that it solely belongs to you. This means that if you are quoting someone, you have to limit the number of times you do it. This prevents you from undermining yourself on the topic. Even so, if you are good enough, then your eloquence in the paper should not be something to worry about.

  • Plagiarism

Are you failing to resist the temptation to take somebody else’s work and using it as your own? This is a severe offense in academia. Most colleges will treat this practice harshly. They have advanced plagiarism-screening tools that will detect your offense a mile away. The penalty could go as far as a suspension.

Even so, your professors can always notice a difference between something done by a student and something that is not their own. The solution is to avoid the words directly as they are on the source and quote them or give credit to the source. Secondly, you need to use your arguments, ideas, and analyses backed with information from the right academic sources.

  • Grammar, Typos, Spelling, and Pronouns

This means that every time you write, you need to watch out for contractions. If you have to use then purpose to use them correctly. Also, work on your subject-verb agreement, work your incomplete sentences, run a spell check and lastly ensure the essay is in the third person. Go with terms such as “he, she, it and they, “instead of “me, you and us.”

  • Bibliography errors

Usually, any bibliography is in MLA format. If your professor states otherwise then you must change that. This should not scare you. If you got your analysis right then, the bibliography would be about to change a few things to fit the required academic style of the paper.

  • Using sources that are not credible

Whereas the internet has made research on various topics easy, not every article you will come across is reliable. Always make sure that the paper’s author is an expert of that topic. You do not want to quote some blogger and up giving speculative responses in your education paper.

Avoiding these mistakes to prevent you from ruining a paper you spent a lot of time preparing. If possible, the solution therein should help you save your education from capsizing on you and costing you good grades.

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