How to Formulate an Essay That Even a Child Could Understand

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Have you ever started reading a book and got bored after reading the first page? That is what happens if you write a boring essay. Your lecturer has no time to go through such a paper. In return, you get a low grade. Though essays are formal, you can make them interesting without diverting from the primary purpose. Use the tips below

Chose an Interesting Topic

Choose a topic relating to current matters. Research on it and ensure that it has enough information to back your claim. When writing your essay, avoid giving irrelevant materials rather stay focused. The readers can easily relate to your paper and flow along with it. 

Organize Your Essay

Creating an outline will help you organize your paper systematically. The reader will easily follow through your essay to the end. The readers do not want to continue reading a disorganized essay since they get lost in the middle. If there is a smooth flow, even a kid can easily understand.

Write Short Sentences

Be concise and precise when crafting your essay. Avoid lengthy sentences full of fluffy words. They easily bore the reader to read the rest of your paper. After writing your paper, reread it. Remove any word or phrase that does not add value to your essay. Stick to the purpose of your paper and ensure there is a flow. 

Keep your language simple

Using complicated words does not add value to your essay. It does the opposite. The reader will quickly lose interest in reading so many borrowed words. You may also misuse some words bringing more confusion to the reader. Your language should be simple enough for a kid to read it. 

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Make It Interesting

Do not fear to borrow some techniques from creative writing. In the introduction, start with an attention-grabbing hook that will draw their attention to the end. Rhetorical questions usage also draws the reader’s curiosity.

Use Active Voice

Using passive voice in your essay does not make it formal; it makes it dull and confusing to read. However, using active voice makes the readers feel that they are in the present times. It makes your paper more interesting to read.

Use Examples

Trying to explain something can be tricky. Once you give examples, readers can understand easily. Using statistics, examples, and illustrations to support your thesis makes your essay more interesting. Logical presentation of the ideas gives your essays more credibility.

Proofread it

Your essays might be interesting to read. However, if you litter it with errors and grammar mistakes, it becomes annoying to your readers. Instead of concentrating on the content, the minds get distracted by numerous mistakes. That is why editing and proofreading your work is vital. After reading it loudly, ask a friend to go through it too. Use the right online tool to polish your work. With the correct grammar, even a kid can easily flow through.


Do not write boring essays anymore. Make it exciting and engaging to your readers. Choose an interesting topic that relates to current matters. Organize your essay and ensure that it has a nice flow. Use short sentences and do not divert from the main purpose. Use active voice and back up your ideas with examples and illustrations. Use simple language that a kid can read and understand. Proofread thoroughly before submitting it. Many readers get annoyed by reading a paper that is full of errors.

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