Five Best Opportunities for Mothers During Parental Leave

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Mothers can take advantage of their parental leave and make the most out of it by embarking on remote activities or projects like, for example, toefl writing essay samples, that are not only exciting but also rewarding. Parental leave often cuts across paternity and maternity, but since the focus here is on mothers, we will, therefore, dwell on the best opportunities that mothers can take up during their parental leave.

In today’s world where technology is quickly advancing and making it easier to accomplish different tasks, people are finding it easier to work on other projects even when they are away from work, for example.

Website Design

There are lots of rich and informative resources on the web today that you can use to grasp foundational coding and design skills. With just a computer, internet connection, and a source of power, you can learn how to design websites for small businesses as well as medium-sized enterprises.

Website design is not much of an intensive task, and it allows for flexibility since you can do it at your home. Mothers who are on parental leave can take up coding and design classes online and learn about the basics of a website and graphic design, from where they can get tips on how to build elegant websites.

They can go ahead and sell these websites yo businesses out there and make money while at the same time have a lot of time to spend with the family. Whichever way you care to cut it through, this is a win-win situation for the mother and the family as a whole.

Virtual Assistant Services

Today, there are thousands of companies that hire other individuals and businesses to undertake their administrative and online marketing tasks. Most of these activities or tasks can be done remotely, and they pay well for people who have the skills to do them. Tasks like blog management, email marketing, digital marketing, online accounting and bookkeeping, and social media marketing can be done remotely, and they do not require hard skills like coding. These tasks often need people who know how to organize things and put them in order.

Blog post editing, inbox management, document editing, and proofreading are also tasks that fall under virtual assistant services, and these can be opportunities for mothers who are on parental leave who need to take care of the family as well as work on the sidelines.

Running a Shop

Mothers tend to have a lot of time when they are on parental leave and running a shop could be an opportunity for mothers to engage in other tasks without neglecting the kids. Mothers on parental leave can come up with homemade products like handmade jewelry or knitted clothing, and sell them to people from their shops.

Mothers who run such shops are not limited to handmade products since they can engage in the business of buying and selling of a wide range of products depending on the time they have and the resources or capital available. All in all, running a shop can be a perfect opportunity for mothers seeking to do some work when they are on their parental leave.


Mothers who are good at typing can offer transcribing services. More often than not, folks and businesses take recordings from conferences, events, and later on look for individuals who are well-versed in transcription to generate transcripts from those recordings. Mothers who are on paternal leave, and who have excellent typing skills, as well as transcription skills, can engage in transcription services, which will see them take care and attend to their children at home while working in the same environment without any hassles.

Depending on the time available and the skills possessed, mothers can earn handsomely from transcription without giving up care for their family.

Online Customer Support

Thanks to the connectivity that exists today – companies can delegate their customer support functions to individuals who are not necessarily within the physical premises of the company. Provided that these individuals are well-versed in the operations and the workings of the company, they can serve as online customer support remotely. Mothers can take up such opportunities with the companies or organizations that they work for, and this can help them to work on the side and earn some money while attending to their kids and family as well.

In closing, mothers who are on parental leave can take advantage of that period and offer services which will help them to earn some funds, keep them busy, or help them to advance their skills in certain areas. Depending on your motives and aspirations, parental leave can be a great time to explore other opportunities that could help you regarding personal development without giving up care for your family.

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