Fatherhood at 50: Three Promises to My Children

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I’m a 51 year old father of three beautiful children, ages 5,3,1.  And check this out.  My incredible wife is continuing to do what she does best… make babies!  So in October I’ll have four children, 6 years and younger (God willing).

Since I’m such an old dude… I mean since I have more life experience than many fathers with preschool children, I know I need to make everyday count as a father.  So here I share an open letter to my children and offer three promises to them.

Dear Jadon, Lila, Lucas and a player to be named soon,

First of all, I love you more than I could ever articulate.  And although love is the foundation of our family, I know I need to give you more.  My promise to you is to be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.  Here’s what I mean.

1:   I promise to be healthier:

I want to be around for as long as possible.  Each day of my life is filled with so much hope, love and laughter.  You bring these things to me with every smile.   Selfishly I don’t want to miss out on any time I have with each of you, so I pledge to be a healthier Dad and stick around as long as I can.  Plus as you all get older and faster, I need to keep up.  (taking a moment to catch my breath).

Okay, I’m back.  So I’m going to eat better and exercise more so I can be around as long as I can to take care of you when you need me.  Remember that for however long this is there is one thing that I will leave you with that is immortal.  That is my love for each of you and your mother.

2:  I promise to provide our family with wealth:

Now don’t get too excited!  I didn’t mean that I’m leaving you with stacks of Gold coins and real estate interests throughout the land.           Noun:  2: an abundance or profusion of anything; plentiful amount: a wealth of imagery.

When I speak of wealth, I’m speaking of family. I promise to give you everything I can that has true value:  my time and commitment to being a good parent, education, a good healthy lifestyle, and laughter…. lots of laughter.  Families that are truly wealthy are the ones that care about one another and provide love, support and encouragement.  And I’ll even try and earn money, too, so you can have the things you need.  Just remember Mick Jagger’s words…  “You don’t always get what you want”

3:  I promise to be wise.

I might not be an Einstein, although Physics does fascinate me.  But I do have a pretty good head on my shoulders.  I’ve learned a lot because I have made plenty of mistakes throughout the years.  My promise is to make the best possible choices I can.  Choices that will help provide each of you with a brighter future.  You are the future.

So kids, I will work hard to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.  I can’t promise to be perfect, but my motivation is strong.  There is nothing that motivates more than love.  And I love you.

– Daddy

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