Earth Hour Magic: For anyone who was once a kid

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Earth Hour brought three hours of magic into our home Saturday night.

It was important for us to share this world-wide event with our kids and help educate them about the importance of conservation.  We do talk about reducing, reusing and recycling everyday, but Earth Hour gave us a perfect opportunity to turn out the lights, use only candlelight and talk to our children about Earth Hour around the globe.

Why three hours?   Our kids who are ages 5, 3, and 1 would be in bed by 8:30 and they wanted to take part in this historic event.  So we set the beeper (on the kitchen clock) for 7:00 PM.  I scrambled to clear the dishes and get the food back into the fridge before I was beeped.  When the alarm sounded, we vowed not to use any lights or electricity.  No we didn’t unplug the fridge, but I wasn’t even going to open the door and illuminate that little light.  Last year I was so proud of myself for observing Earth Day, only to find an hour later that I had left the light on in the garage.  Sigh.   This year I would make no mistakes.

So off I went to light candles before the sun set and it became too dark.  Flashlights were also ruled out.  No batteries would be used either.   The kids were thrilled, of course, to have their bath by candlelight.  Reading books to them afterward was a little challenging, but Oma (their grandmother) did a nice job reading as the candle light flickered over the pages.  It was really peaceful.  In fact, brushing teeth and getting the little ones ready for bed was really pretty quiet and nice.  (John wonders if candles every night may be in order.  Hmmm)

When the real Earth Hour kicked in at 8:30, the kids were snuggled up in their beds and Susan, her mom and I sat and had a really nice talk in living room which was lit only by the tiny flames I had placed about.  After 10 PM Susan finally turned on a dim light and I felt a little sad; like when I was a child and the electricity had been out and then suddenly came back on.

There is something magical and peaceful about living in the darkness for a short time.  Perhaps the more time we spend in the dark, the brighter our futures will become.

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