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Apr 2010

Retro Wednesday: Don’t Waste Food

If you are like me, you just love those vintage magazine ads.  Here’s a retro-mom following our government’s sound advice and using her dried bread.  It’s actually great advice.  I use stale bread to make breadcrumbs for meatballs and other dishes calling for bread crumbs. (And for you Internet geeks… bread crumbs are an actually […]

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Mar 2010

A Greener and Healthier Easter Basket

If you’re like me, you always have good intentions and start thinking about things like getting Easter baskets together a month before Easter.  Here it is, though, just five short days before the big day, and I haven’t figured out exactly what we’ll put in the kids’ baskets this year. I’m a little conflicted on […]

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Mar 2010

Earth Hour Magic: For anyone who was once a kid

Earth Hour brought three hours of magic into our home Saturday night. It was important for us to share this world-wide event with our kids and help educate them about the importance of conservation.  We do talk about reducing, reusing and recycling everyday, but Earth Hour gave us a perfect opportunity to turn out the […]

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