Retro Wednesday: A Green Evolution

Retro Wednesday: A Green Evolution

Tomorrow is Earth Day!  Forty years and 40 Earth Days, but let’s face it, the planet is still a mess!  Humans are evolving, though.  Our way of thinking is changing.  But why does it have to take so long?  I may be dating myself, but when I was a kid growing up in the 60′s,  it was common to see people throw bags of litter from their car windows.  Fast food was new on the scene and people were eating in their cars. Why keep that trash in the car when you could simply roll (yes, roll) down the window and let it fly.  My family never did it, but a lot of people did.

Maybe it was just those crazy New Yorkers, but I’m thinkin’ that this practice was commonplace everywhere.  If you saw this behavior in the 21st century, you’d be outraged!  It’s unthinkable.

Our thinking has evolved and we know not to be litterbugs and to keep America beautiful.  But before we knew this, it took awareness campaigns and a lot of time.

I remember walking along the boardwalk at Jones Beach on Long Island and seeing those metal trash cans with the “Don’t be a Litterbug” signs on them.   You don’t really see Litter Bug signs any more.  We’ve been trained.  And for those people who still litter (some people do)…  chances are that littering is the least of their problems.  Just sayin’.

And let’s not forget the Native American Indian in the famous television commercial in 1971.  That tear drop was one helluva marketing tool.  Keep America Beautiful.

So now what?   We’ve learned to throw our garbage in the trash can and now we’re learning to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Flash forward 40 years and the act of throwing away paper, glass or plastic in the trash, will be just as morally reprehensible as littering was 40 years ago.

Oh, our thinking will change…. is changing.  And organizations like Keep America Beautiful (formed in 1953) and awareness campaigns like Earth Day (1970 debut) will help us get there.

But we humans are creatures of habit and slow to accept change.

I hope that part of  human evolution includes the ability to evolve just a little more quickly.