New student tour enhanced tour value

New student tour enhanced tour value

Kid Planet is excited to tell all of our educator friends about  Student Adventures, a student tour provider based in Michigan!

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Student Group on Tour

Here’s why we are excited:

Student Adventures is the first and only student tour provider that provides comprehensive lesson plans to enhance the educational value of Washington, DC school trips.  These lesson plans, designed by Middle School teachers and called Travel Dynamics: Lesson Plans for Student Travel,  include four modules:  Gettysburg, Government, Museums, and Monuments & Memorials.

These outstanding educational resources provide educators with lesson plans to be used before, during, and after a Washington, DC student tour.  It’s the first time we have seen anything like this in the student tour industry.

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The educational component of a student tour is important, but we love Student Adventures for a number of other reasons.  Keep reading!

* Student Adventures is an American owned and operated company.

* Student Adventures provides The Protectors™ program which provides cancellation protection, price protection and protects school payments in a Protected Trust Account™.

* Student Adventures makes tour planning easy for teachers by providing a proprietary service called Easy Track Online Tour Management™.  It includes online registration and individual billing so teachers don’t have to collect money from students.

* Student Adventures’ experienced staff creates customized itineraries for every customer to popular destinations like Washington DC, Chicago, New York City, and Walt Disney World® Resort.

* Student Adventures provides educational student tours to schools throughout the United States that are safe, fun and affordable.

* And the Teacher travels FREE  : )

Please tell your friends about our friends at Student Adventures!